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-Where lights are the lyrics

Welcome to Luminoscity!

Luminoscity 2019 features 2 new Pixel candy canes and 2 Pixel floods!

Comments? Questions? Please email Tim, the engineer and designer, at [email protected]

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How far had you planned on going down...?

I see you are a curious one...

Are you still reading this!?

Even I stopped reading this somewhere up there



@     @     @




No one has ever made it this far before....

And I don't expect you will make it much longer...

Shhh. We've enter the territory of the dreaded Luminos...

Web Surfers Beware!

Even as I plunge deep into the void with you, I can feel the strange effects of the dark abyss...

Down in this horrible place it is said that people lose their ability to speak their own language.

The Luminos will soon have you speaking his native language.


What's that you say?

I can't unders-20-1-14-4 you.

0h n000000

9 3-15-14-7-18-1-20-21-12-1-20-5 25-15-21. 25-15-21 8-1-22-5 22-5-14-20-21-18-5-420-15 13-25 12-1-9-18 1-14-4 19-21-18-22-9-22-5-4. 9 1-13 20-8-5 12-21-13-9-14-15-19.

9 8-15-16-5 25-15-21 5-14-10-15-25 25-15-21-18-19-5-12-6...

23-8-9-12-5 25-15-21 3-1-14

Copyright © 2020 Tim Ambrose

Enjoy The Show.

Luminoscity® was inspired by Josh Barnet and his local show, Lightasmic™. He has moved on to college and Calm® took over his system. Now I am essentially taking over the business of putting on a local musical light show.

I hope you enjoy the show. Fill free to navigate around my site and see what you can find.