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-Where lights are the lyrics

Most Recent Videos

Only the videos I have explicit permission to post as a streaming video are below. Click on the links to the right to download the videos to watch on your computer.

--------------- 2016 ---------------

Organ Musique

Vivaldi's Winter

--------------- 2015 ---------------

Organ Musique

Vivaldi's Winter (new in 2014)

--------------- 2011 ---------------

Intro Title

Renard XC

Organ Musique

Compilation Video

--------------- 2010 ---------------

Compilation Video

Organ Musique

--------------- 2009 ---------------

Intro Title

Compilation Video

Renard XC Channel Test

Organ Musique

Older Videos

All Videos available.

Click Below.

2021 Video Album

2020 Video Album

2019 Video Album

2018 Video Album

2017 Video Album

2016 Video Album

2015 Video Album

2011 Video Album

2010 Video Album

2009 Video Album

2008 Video Album